Mizner Trail Golf Course in Boca Raton could become site for new housing development

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Palm Beach County commissioners could vote Thursday morning on a plan to replace the Mizner Trail Golf Course with hundreds of new homes.

However, the Boca Del Mar Improvement Association is hoping the county will consider a different option.

The housing proposal would add 288 new homes on the golf course property, which closed in 2005. That would include 154 zero lot-line homes and 134 townhomes.

Since then, the course has been maintained to only minimum code enforcement standards. Residents say it's become an overgrown eyesore, where numerous vandalism reports have been made, and they're worried about a growing pest problem.

Concerned residents say cleaning up the area with a housing development would increase their property values. Opponents of the home worry it could decrease their property values because they do pay a premium for open space views.

The Boca Del Mar Improvement Association is planning to meet with the county parks department to talk about possibly buying the golf course to turn it into a public park.

That would clean up the area, and satisfy residents who don't want their fairway views to be replaced by housing.  That meeting is expected to happen later this month.
The Boca Del Mar Improvement Association also sent out mailers earlier in the month encouraging residents of nearly 80 Boca Del Mar neighborhoods to attend the county commissioner meeting Thursday to support keeping the open space.

County commissioners have rejected two other housing proposals in the past for the Mizner Trail Golf Course.

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