Michael Penn stands out, gives out donuts and coffee in front of Goldman Sachs

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Michael Penn is set to graduate from Fordham University in two weeks.

"Hopefully I have a job so I can stay and live in New York City," said Penn.

But after he gets his masters in business degree, he isn't planning on returning home to Boca Raton.

"Its not for me, not right now. New York is where the action is. New York is where thriving businesses are," said Penn.

So Penn came up with a plan. Last Thursday the 23-year-old set up a booth outside of Goldman Sachs complete with donuts and coffee.

His goal was to give every employee at the company a "good morning breakfast."

"Some people were like what are you doing?  Other people were like... hey free coffee, free donuts, of course," said Penn.

With his website printed on a banner and hundreds of resumes on hand, he was ready. And so were potential employers.

"He said my girlfriend saw you doing this, she took a picture, " said Penn.  "I'm intrigued. I want to speak with you, how fast can you get down to my office?," said a potential employer. 

His mom is not surprised by his ingenuity.

"If he wanted to stay in New York he had to get a job and start paying rent," said Barbera Penn.

She says Michael's always been a go getter, graduating with honors from Spanish River High School while winning dozens of trophies at chess tournaments.

And while Michael still has no job offers, he says he's been bombarded with interviews ever since last weeks ordeal.

"I think everybody is unique you just need to portray it so this was my unique way of demonstrating how I set myself apart from the general population, " said Penn.

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