Michael Margolies, Boca man, loses money for wife's party after he donates tuxedo to charity

Boca man loses thousands after he donates suit

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Michael Margolies' wife Bonni has spent 43 years as a teacher. And he couldn't be prouder of her.

"One of her students said to her mom just the other day, I don't want to go to second grade. Mom said why. She said I don't want to leave Mrs. Margolies."

She's retiring in June ad Michael planned a secret party. 

Also a secret?  The money to pay for it.

"I've been saving it for at least eighteen years," said Michael Margolies. "In the inside breast pocket of the tuxedo that I never wore."

Six grand.  And it was gone faster than you can say: charity. 

He's not sure which of them dropped the tux off at Slomin's Family Center, forgetting or not realizing it had a golden pocket.

"I would say I felt pretty lousy," said Margolies.

"Whether the money and his jacket wound up on the racks at Slomin's Thrift Store in West Boca is hard to say. 

Slomin's told him it likely wound up at a distribution point in Hialeah. 

Tracing it from there is next to impossible.

So at the same time, his wife found out about his secret stash - and the party for a hundred friends she'll never have.

"He was really upset when he couldn't buy me a present. He wanted to buy me something and he said, sorry, this is what happened," said Bonni Margolies.

After 32 years of marriage and 43 as a teacher, a new reason to put things in perspective.

"If somebody got it that really needs it. Good for them. Seriously," said Bonni Margolies.

Oh, and they'll never forget to triple check pockets.

"That's the lesson," said Michael Margolies.

The thrift store in Hialeah told us they asked their employees if they'd seen the money, but none said they had.

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