Miami Heat tickets: Heat fan in Boca Raton falls for online scam for tickets, warns others

Finals tickets on sale, Boca fan warns of scam

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The hottest ticket in town could also be the ticket to getting scammed... if you're not careful.

Tickets to the NBA Finals in Miami went on-sale today.

During the series against the Pacers, Stephan Chase didn't want to watch the game at a bar.

So he went online and thought he had a good deal to take his whole family.

"I was trying to surprise my family with tickets for the Heat game," said Chase.

During the series against the Pacers, Stephan Chase jumped at a Craigslist listing.

Four tickets for $150.

"I spoke with the lady on the telephone about fifteen or twenty times," said Chase. "We were going to arrange to meet, but it started raining bad, so she asked me wire the money."

He wired $637.

That was that. The mystery woman never picked up her phone again.

He watched from the couch.

"You feel a little stupid for something that you thought was too good to be true," said Chase.

Police and ticket brokers agree.

Todd's Tickets at the Boca Town Center Mall is selling Finals seats at American Airlines Arena for between $300 and $25,000.

They got calls today from Argentina. And one Heat fan even offered an unusual trade.

"He wants to trade tickets, One Direction for the Heat!!" said broker Abdallah Abderrahrrah.

Brokers at Todd's say reputation is everything when ticket-shopping online.

Todd's had an A- from the Florida Better Business Bureau.

"Do a lot of homework. Compare. Make sure the websites are legit," said Abderrahrrah.

NewsChannel 5 called a few sellers on Craigslist.

One asked to send him money by PayPal.

The seller admitted he couldn't prove anything and said  we would have to chance it.

Chase says it's all a good warning to Heat fans hoping to see their boys play for a second-straight title.

"I think I'm going to hold off," said Chase. "I'll be glad to watch it on TV."

The NBA says they strongly encourage fans to buy tickets from the Heat and the NBA's certified online ticket exchanges.

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