Manatea, Reef: FAU removes old sculptures from campus for new development

Florida Atlantic University  is working to clean up the look of its campus by removing sculptures which are several decades old.

The "Manatea" and the "Reef" were a part of FAU's collection of donated art.

The Manatea was removed to make room for an extended cafeteria for students.

School officials also say the structures were becoming rusty, and there wasn't enough money in the maintenance budget to fix them.

They are now dismantled in storage.

Some students say they are glad the campus is cleaning up. Others would like to see the art stay.

Senior theater student Jane Lynch said, "It's think it's now a part of FAU that you've taken away that's not going to be here anymore."

Faculty in the college of arts and letters say they are investigating the process by which the statues were removed.

The school says the FAU University Art Committee was involved in the decision to remove the art. It is made up of two visual arts representatives  and the FAU Director of Facilities and Planning.

Officials say they did contact the artist of the Manatea. He did not want to pay to have the sculpture dismantled and sent to him.

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