In office for a week, FAU's new leader speaks about his vision for the university

Saunders successor discusses FAU controversies

Acting president at FAU has all the powers and responsibilities of a permanent president. In this role, Dennis Crudele wants better pay for faculty, but he's going to have to iron out a few kinks first.

It's only been a week and already Crudele is feeling the pressure the office of president brings.  He was previously Senior Vice-President of Finance.

"It's a lot different being President I've found out already with the social events, I thought I was putting in a lot of hours now I'm putting in a lot more," said Crudele.
Crudele accepted the acting president role when Dr. Mary Jane Saunders resigned from the post last week. She cited "recent controversies" as part of her reason for leaving.
"I'm sure she felt the pressure, she wanted a fresh start and FAU needed that," said Crudele.
One issue still troubles the religious community. The fate of professor Deandre Poole remains unknown after a student complained about a class assignment involving the name of Jesus.
Governor Rick Scott got involved and Crudele says FAU will have an answer soon.
"We've got to get over some of these issues, I want to hand over a clean slate to the interim president. We want to be more decisive, more responsive, more transparent," said Crudele.
Students have their opinions on what they want to see from him.
"I'd like to see him address the students more. And explain more of what is happening with Saunders resigning," said Cealia Brannan.
"I hope he keeps up with what Saunders did with community, because she was always around and everyone knew her and loved her when she came," said Cora Johnson.
Crudele doesn't plan to move into the Baldwin House, which typically houses the president. He says he isn't very interested in taking the permanent role.






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