Freshman curriculum at Lynn University loaded onto iPads

Expense paid for through student technology fee

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Books, paper and pens are a thing of the past inside freshmen classes at Lynn University. They're being replaced by iPads, lightening the usual backpack load.

"I don't have to put money on my books, or pens and highlighters. I have my notes and posts and my assignments right here," said Freshman Shahmir Lodhi.

Instructor Michael Lewis opened up the first day of his political science class explaining how integral the iPad will be in the curriculum. He says the device will save him from printing assignments and tests, so that sharing materials is instantaneous.

"Apps like the dropbox make it easy to sync documents and power points from one device to another," said Lewis.

600 Freshmen got their hands on the tablets, and will be allowed to keep them if they graduate. Lewis says the one concern so far from students is that the device can be a distraction. He says knowing that now will help him keep students on track.

"We have teaching methods to keep students honest with the iPad," said Lewis.

The device is being paid for through the student technology fee, which amounts to $100 per student per semester.

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