FHSAA wants to deter high school athletes from using PEDs

Players, coaches respond to possible drug testing

BOCA RATON, Fla. - State athletic officials are tackling the use of performance enhancing drugs, or PEDs at the high school level. Boca Raton High School football coach Jeff Dellenbach says it's no surprise why students are tempted.

"It's very competitive, kids are trying to get the advantage for scholarships. It's not right but you can see where they want to take shortcuts," said Dellenbach.

Dellenbach says he has zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs and PEDs on and off the field. He is for drug testing students, even if he can be held responsible when players fail.

"If we spend money on the program and it saves a life then it's worth doing. I'm just not sure what that program is," said Dellenbach.

The Florida High School Athletic Association wants to create policies for school districts to randomly drug test students. Districts would have to pay for it, and coaches would end up in the hot seat if they knew about it.

"I would hold myself accountable if a kid was doing something wrong," said Dellenbach.

16 years in the NFL Dellenbach says he's seen PEDs ruin lives. He and his staff drill into players minds that drugs take you nowhere.

"There is no substitute for hard work and that is what it comes down to. You can't find shortcuts to make you feel better," said Dellenbach.

It could be years before polices and funding is in place to make drug testing in high schools possible.

Boca Raton will play Miami Beach High School in their first game on August 22nd.

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