Family-run haunted house is growing

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - A frightening experience is a family passion for a Boynton Beach family.

With Halloween coming, the Groeneveld family opened what may be the area's biggest haunted house in what used to be a Bally's gymnasium on Military Trail in Boca Raton.

"Everybody that does do this has a passion for it, has a passion for creating an alternate reality. For taking that little twisted pleasure in kind of making people freak out," said Jessie Groeneveld, the actor coordinator.

Billy Groeneveld says the idea came from a long love affair with haunted houses.

"I remember the first haunted house I ever went through. I'm sure most people do, " said Groeneveld.

He opened his first haunted house, in his house, in 1999.

"It got bigger and bigger until literally we outgrew our home," he said.

After all, who wants 500 people marching through your own home?

The bigger digs mean they've hired 56 people to perform the 17 nights the show is on.

AJ Einbinder is a college student and loves the extra money.

"This was like, hey we have this cool hobby, you can have a job and get paid, but really it's this cool hobby and you can have fun with us and I was like yeah!!" said Einbinder, who is a senior at FAU.

The Groeneveld's promise they can scare you.

They've been building the set since March for this single month. But anticipation isn't the only key.

"I think the biggest part is we do work as a family. New actors that come in, because we do treat them as a family, they begin to work together as a family," said Jessie Groeneveld.

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