Family forced to move from Boca home; feels cheated, misled

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Moving is the last thing Mia Anderton and her husband want to do to their three sons. They have no choice but to leave the home they've come to love.

"It's heartbreaking to see them as sad as they are," said Anderton.

In August, after three years of renting the Camino Gardens home, Mia and her realtor signed a short sale contract with the homeowner to buy it.

The agreement stated she would pay $365,000 for it. Months later, Mia learned the contract was never submitted to the bank.

"I believe he had no intention of selling it to us, he just wanted to pocket the extra months of rent before it went into foreclosure," said Anderton.

"Contractually he was obligated to submit the contract. There are plenty of unscrupulous people out there still taking advantage of people less informed," said Cris Bennardo, Mia's real estate lawyer.

Mia and her family feel cheated and misled, but have exhausted their options to buy.

Her lawyer says she could sue for breach of contract and try to recover a few months of rent or her $3,000 deposit. But he says nothing the homeowner did was illegal.

"If I knew better I would've hired an attorney from the beginning," said Anderton.

Mia hopes a new start in Delray Beach will help the family move on.

Calls made to attorneys representing the homeowner were not returned.

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