Families of victims killed in DUI crashes hope to stop others from drinking and driving

December is National Drunk Driving Awareness Month

BOCA RATON, Fla. - You don't have to walk far in Anna Mizrahi's home to find a picture of Mitchell. The husband and father of two boys is present on every wall. 

"I just want to make it better and have everything inspired by Mitchell, I want him to be all over this place," said Anna.

Mitchell can't be here in person because of what happened July 3, 2011.

Mitchell was stopped at a red light on Okeechobee Road, on his way home from picking up wings for the family. A drunk driver hit him from behind. 

"My father in law went into Brandon's room, woke him up and said, your father was killed in drunk driver crash," said Anna. "I was married for 20 years, I don't know how to move on."

Friday, Anna was strong enough to tell her story at the DUI - Zero Tolerance event hosted by the Dori Slosberg Foundation in Boca Raton. Many of those in the room suffered a similar loss. 

"Everyone loses, Mitch isn't here. The drunk driver is in prison, we're suffering, I'm sure his family is suffering," said Anna.

She hopes her heartache will convince others to never drink and drive. 

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