Exterminator: It's hard to eradicate rats from large apartment buildings

Traps set, holes closed, but rats persist

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Alexa Sellers of Boca Raton, says she's fed up trying to get rid of rats in her apartment. She claims repeated attempts to remove the rodent since March are useless.

Sellers says her appliances as the carpet inside her home had to be replaced because the rats don't just disgust, they destroy.

"The rats chewed through the washer hose and it flooded the apartment, ruined the furniture. I woke up one morning and there was a mushroom growing in the kitchen," said Sellers.

Since March, Sellers says she's watched Boca Arbor Club maintenance crews set traps and close up holes, but she can still hear the rats in the walls. She says 6 baby rats were found inside the insulation in her oven.

Bob Teuchert, of Delray Beach Pest Control, says it can be hard to get rid of rats inside a large apartment building.

"You can seal up the exterior and if you miss one hole, they can get back in," said Teuchert.

While inside Sellers' home, Teuchert found rat feces on top of a cabinet in the kitchen. He said it had been there a while.

As for Sellers, she just wants out. She's asked to break her lease but hasn't been able to strike a deal with management.

A Boca Arbor property manager was contacted on the phone and in person Thursday and repeatedly responded with a "no comment."

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