Edwin Bernal: Suspect in 2008 robbery, shootout in custody after fleeing the country, police say

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The last suspect from a 2008 jewelry courier robbery in Boca Raton is now in custody.

On May 7th of that year two couriers, Leon Rozio and and Timotea Garcia, were carrying close to $150,000 in jewelry when they were robbed by three people in the parking lot of the St. Moriz  Jewelers.

Police say that during the robbery Rozio shot and killed suspect William Perez who was driving the getaway car.

Police say that they have been looking for suspect Edwin Bernal since 2008. According to police, he was known by the alias Edwin Andes Zaragoza and had fled the country. Police say in April of 2010, detectives determined Zaragoza's true identity.

He was located in South America and on Wednesday was transported back to the United States from Colombia and is now in the Palm Beach County Jail.

Police say that a third suspect, Oscar London, was arrested in Houston in 2009 and later sentenced to 10 years in jail following a plea agreement.

Bernal has been charged with felony murder, robbery with a weapon and burglary.



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