Dogs and cats being dumped, tied to fence outside no-kill shelter

Five dogs surrendered over Christmas holiday

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Four year old basset hound Wilma, has been howling for two days inside the Tri County Humane Society. This, ever since her owner left her and five year old Sampson tied to a tree outside the no-kill shelter.

"The dog could've choked if he got caught or tangled up. The leash was here and only six feet long," said Amanda Chussler.

Another three dogs were surrendered by their owners over Christmas, a time when adoptions are usually up. 

"The man brought them to the door and said take them or leave them. It's increasing rather an decreasing over the holiday season, more and more people coming in," said Executive Director Suzi Goldsmith.

"Her family came into the parking lot didn't bring her in, opened the door and she ran out. She went through the gate, into the road and the canal," said Chussler.

Volunteers had to jump into the canal to save the dog.

Just last week someone pulled up to the corner of the property and tossed two Chihuahuas over the break in the fence. A nighttime staff member heard the car speed off.

Unless more animals are adopted out, volunteers scramble to find more space to fit the surrendered dogs. Goldsmith says cats come in twice as fast. 

"It's very easy to drop off animals at a no kill facility for whatever reason, it's like they're disposable which is really sad over the holiday time," said Goldsmith.

The facility is doing two-for-one adoptions for cats right now to try and make room. They urge anyone who is thinking of getting an animal, to rescue one. 

It may be Wilma, who can't stop calling for her owner. 

If you are interested in adoption visit  www. or call (561) 482-8110

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