Brian Wright leads the FAU football team for first game since Carl Pelini resigned

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Florida Atlantic University students packed into the stadium for Saturday's homecoming game to show their school spirit, but also to get a look at the new interim head coach, Brian Wright.

Saturday's game was the first chance for many fans to get a look inside the stadium at how well Wright will be able to lead the team.

Long-time FAU fans say they're disappointed in the decisions former head coach Carl Pelini made several weeks ago.

He resigned after accusations of illegal drug use.

The football program at FAU is just more than ten years old, making it relatively new.

Fans say they are hopeful that the resignation of Pelini won't put an early tarnish on the program's reputation.

Fans say they're banding together now to support the players during the big program changes.

Mary Ann Young and her husband Don have been ticket holders for ten years.

"It's so heartbreaking for the team because they've been doing so well. It was just very heartbreaking," Mary Ann Young said.

"I'm hoping that the fans back [the players] up and show they can bypass this thing and go right to another coach," Don Young said.

Saturday's game was also the first game that Defensive Coordinator Pete Rekstis was not on the sidelines. He, too, resigned after illegal drug use allegations.

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