Brakes may not be to blame for wild school bus ride that ended up in oncoming traffic

Students opting not to take the bus to school

BOCA RATON, Fla. - 24 hours after a wild ride on her bus home from school, Ariana Leon is still shaken.

"Watching the video back now, it's scary. I didn't understand it at the time, but it's not good," said Leon, a junior at Spanish River High School.

While driving students home from Spanish River High School Wednesday the driver says the steering wheel and brakes locked up, and she was forced to turn into oncoming traffic on Glades Road.

A maintenance crew member who works on buses for the district says an inspection revealed it wasn't a brake malfunction.

"We're following proper procedures. The bus is being examined to find out exactly what happened, to see what the root cause of the malfunction was. We don't know what it is at the time, but we're looking into it actively," said Jason Shockley, with the Palm Beach County School District.

Parents with kids who ride the bus say the driver should be commended.

"The bus was going the opposite direction of traffic and she saved it from crashing, from hurting herself or the kids. I want to make sure she gets recognized, she saved the kids and everyone else," said Julia Hanapole.

As for Ariana, she's not quite comfortable getting back on the bus. Her father will be taking her to and from school for now.

"I'm not nervous about going on the bus, I would just rather go in a car. I won't be riding the bus anymore," said Leon.

NewsChannel 5 has requested the last three months of inspection reports on the bus in question.

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