Boudoir photography: More women stripping down to feel more confident

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Women may see themselves as hardworking employees or devoted moms, but a new trend called "boudoir photography" is helping women take it all off to build confidence, as they feel more sexy and glamorous.

Sunlight filters through the windows of professional photographer Renee Zona's home.

Zona has created a studio in a room of her house just off the pool. There is a large with a scalloped, cream-colored headboard with sparkling buttons. Next to it, a table is covered in makeup as professional makeup artist Chelitza Marie works to ramp up the glamorous looks of Bethany Rebstock.

PHOTOS: Inside a boudoir photo shoot (

The photos will likely be as memorable as the photo-shoot itself.

"I was so nervous, I remember I pulled into the driveway and I was like, this is probably a terrible idea," Rebstock laughed, recalling the last time she was here.

The wife and mother to four children has been in front of Renee Zona's lens before. 

"It's all about her, she can be the center of attention for those few hours, and have something that lasts, that's memorable," Zona said.

Rebstock says she has returned, because what happens in this photo session is addictive. It's called boudoir photography. In Zona's studio, Rebstock puts on lingerie for photos that will showcase her best features. Zona adds some studio lights to the natural light filtering through the windows, then instructs Rebstock curve her body into different positions that show off her figure.

More women are having boudoir photos taken as a gift to a fiancé or husband. During her first session, Rebstock gave her photos to her husband.

"I wanted to give something to my husband that showed him I remembered he was a man and not just a dad," Rebstock said.

Rebstock says her husband loved the images.

A few snaps into the photo-shoot, Zona shows women the images captured in her digital camera. She says as women see how they look through the camera's eyes, it eases their nerves.

"When women first come here, they are usually nervous or shy, maybe they have inhibitions, and as we start shooting I will take a couple of images and I will show them what I'm seeing. And what the camera is seeing.  And they are just shocked. They are amazed and they say, I can't believe that's me. I didn't know I could look so beautiful," Zona said.

Zona says many women don't believe they can look as glamorous as the women in her portfolio.  When she shows them "before" pictures, taken before makeup and hair is complete, they realize that the subjects are real women.

Rebstock understands, as she has fielded questions from friends who have seen her glamorous photos.

"They are like, oh, I could never look like those women in a magazine. Well, you can. I mean, they don't look like that either," she said.

During the first boudoir session, the images were all for Rebstock's husband. This time, she is excited to show him the photos, but she has a new focus.

"This time it is really for me. That I want to do what I want to do, wear what I want to wear, and just feel really sexy, to find that in myself. So it's not just a gift.  It's really about me," she said.

As Zona showcases outer beautify, she says she has found the inner confidence of women shines a little brighter.

"I love making women feel beautiful, so when I get to be a part of that, and help their confidence and their self-esteem, it's rewarding for me," Zona said.

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