Boca Raton Dixie Highway landscaping lacking residents say, push for beautification project

City says down economy delayed project

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Dixie Highway is just a couple blocks from Elly Zanin's home. The moment you go south from 32nd street, the west side of the road is barren.

"It's not attractive, it looks industrial, which over there it is. But this is the entrance to our community and you come into the neighborhood and this is the impression," said Zanin.

About a mile down... bushes, trees and in some cases a walkway appears, making for a much more pleasant sight.

"This is beautiful. I'm a runner and would love to have this in my neighborhood," said Zanin.

The difference is most noticeable on the north and south sides of 20th street.

So why the drastic difference? City councilman Anthony Majhess says improvements were on the city's "to do" list before the economic downturn and available funding disappeared.

"Dollars have been appropriated by the budget to do something. It might not be sidewalks as requested, but it will be probably shrubbery and trees to make it look better," said Majhess.

Zanin says she's willing to find grant money to help the city pay for the project. But after 22 years of living in the neighborhood, she doesn't want to be left out.

"It does look neglected, it does," said Zanin.

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