Lynn University: 30 students living in nearby hotel, campus dorms packed

Enrollment up 7% over last year

BOCA RATON, Fla. - When transfer student Herb Thomas applied to Lynn University, he didn't think the Wyndham Hotel would be his home.

"I'm looking forward to getting on campus, but will enjoy the hotel life until then," said Thomas.

With most of the 2100 student body vying for dorms on campus, about 30 are living at the hotel until space frees up. Filling those rooms is just one way the university is bringing business to Boca Raton.

"From a space perspective on campus, the inn is full. We have no more space to house students," said Gareth Fowles, the Vice-President for Enrollment Management on campus.

The largest freshman class since 2007 started classes Monday on campus.

Hotel staff say they're happy to accommodate students, especially during the slow season. When students are familiar with the hotel, it often leads to their families staying there when they visit.

"A lot  of students are traveling and it opens up the opportunity to family and friends to come  in for sports or graduation," said Mark Wilchinsky, the marketing coordinator for the Wyndham.

Fowles says those families end up in local restaurants, and browsing nearby retail shops.

As for Thomas, who just arrived in Boca Raton from Georgia, he's looking forward to meeting the growing number of students.

"The more people you get to meet, the more international students there are, I want to try and learn their languages, it's great," said Thomas.

Students living in the hotel should be moving into dorms on campus over the next two weeks. That's usually when seniors decide to live off campus, freeing up some space.

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