Roy Boldt, Virginia Boldt: New details in Clare Bridge Tequesta nursing home murder-suicide

TEQUESTA, Fla. -- Tequesta police are sharing new information about a murder-suicide that left an elderly man and his wife dead in a local nursing home.

Police responded to the Clare Bridge nursing home Friday afternoon, a place for patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease, located on Village Boulevard in Tequesta.

The couple found dead were later identified as Roy Boldt, 81, and Virginia Boldt, 75.

Tequesta police spokesman Lt. Jason Turner confirmed the couple's daughter said there had been no indication the husband would do this.

"She had spoken with the husband two days prior to this, and said he was in good spirits," said Turner.

Police say the nursing home staff told them the husband frequently visited his wife. He would come to see her in Tequesta from his Palm City home.

The husband reportedly spoke to a friend, who told police he seemed erratic. That's when one police officer went to the nursing home on what authorities call a "welfare call."

"Got some indication that his friend was not in the right mind frame," said Turner. "Had made some remarks that he was going to go see his wife."

"When the nurse went to get the wife (in her nursing home room), she discovered two bodies that were shot, and a male on the floor with a gun."

Murder-suicides are often thought to be violent, but Tequesta police say this was different.

The wife was in bed Friday afternoon, possibly asleep, when her husband walked in and shot her.

"It's not unusual for an elderly couple to commit something like this, especially in a condition where they might be in for one to go with the other one," said Turner.

The couple's family told police they had known each other their entire lives. She was five when they first met, and he was twelve.

He'd been ill recently, having spent 12 weeks in medical rehabilitation for a condition, but was still in seemingly good spirits.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office responded to the husband's Palm City home, and did not find a suicide note, or any evidence that would provide a motive for the shooting.

Florida happens to have one of the highest murder-suicide rates in the country, second only to California.

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