AJ Brockman and service dog Dre, up for national award

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Aj Brockman loves hanging out with his best friend.  

"Whether its picking up chicks or going to the bar, hes always there with me helping me out," said Brockman.

So when Brockman found out he and his service dog were nominated for a national award, he was speechless.

He's my wingman, and my legs, hands, he can do everything for me.  

Brockman and his service dog Dre are being considered for the American Humane Association Hero Dog Award.  

The 25 year old Brockman has been in a wheelchair since he was two. That's  when he was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, that sapped the strength from his hands. After his first service dog died,  Brockman was matched with Dre last year and they've developed into a team.  

"Once I started working with Dre and he started responding to my voice, listening to the things I asked him and promoting my independence, everything clicked," said Brockman.

Independence is all Brockman wants. With Dre at his side, he's been able to display his paintings at art shows across the country.  

"As I lost the use of my hand,  I always had that passion for art so I had to figure out how to make a living and create my art," said Brockman.

And Dre just doesn't just help out Aj--- He helps out the entire Brockman family.  

"So Dre's been a real enhancement in my life as well, if I'm up on a stool i can call Dre and ask him to pick something up for me and he can do it," said Jo Brockman.

"He embodies everything that there is to be a hero dog and I want to win the dog more for Dre than myself, and to raise awareness for what service dogs can do.

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