Ryan Longchamps runs into burning home in Belle Glade, saves man

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - This is one in a series of reports on individuals in the community singled out for their courage or heroism. They will be honored October 24 at an American Red Cross fundra iser.

Ryan Longchamps says he loves patrolling Belle Glade.

"Everyday is a new adventure, you never know whats going to happen," said Longchamps.

An adventure that took this PBSO deputy through a burning house last spring.

"Longchamps was nearing the end of his shift, when he got a call that there was a house on fire," said Longchamps.

He was the first on the scene

"There was a fire coming out the side of the windows, fire coming out the side of the windows, and there was black black smoke coming out the front door," said Longchamps.

And then he heard a man's scream.

Without fire gear, he dropped to the ground and went in the burning house.

"I had a plan, I was thinking about what obstacles I had, what was my surroundings, how close was the fire, was the roof going to come down," said Longchamps.

Longchamps ended up rescuing the trapped  man and brought him to safety.

A life saved… A heroic  action… All in a day's work for Longchamps.

"I just really enjoy my job, it gives me chance to give back to the community, and it's a extremely and exciting, and rewarding career," said Longchamps.


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