Lawsuit alleges Weiss School let student out to stranger

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - The Brittain's are still shook up about what they say happened back in September.

They received a message saying their daughter was staying after school at The Weiss School.

When they called to find out why, the family said they soon found out that their teenager wasn't at school at all.

"I said what do you mean she's not there," the teen's mother, Brook Brittain said. "I said she was picked up earlier and I asked who picked her up and they said we don't know and I said what do you mean you don't know. They said we'll have to look at the sign out sheet to see who it was."

This news immediately sent the 13-year-old's mother into shock.

"I couldn't imagine how the school had allowed her to leave," she said. "I had entrusted them with my most prized possession and here they just let her go."

Luckily the family said the police and a private investigator were able to find their daughter.

The Brittain's said they found out later that the school let their daughter to someone who wasn't on the approved list of people who could sign out their child.

"There's some sense of familiarity that the woman was a friend of mine, which is completely untrue," Brittain said.

Now the Brittain's have filed a lawsuit against The Weiss School, hoping it will cause the school to change their current policy.

"I hope at some point that they will see the wisdom and making the appropriate changes to that policy to not let this kind of tragedy to occurring again," Brittain said.

NewsChannel 5 tried to speak with The Weiss School and they released this statement.

"The Weiss School remains a safe, caring environment for its students and faculty.  We welcome the opportunity to address the circumstances of this sad incident in court, where all the facts can be appropriately considered by a judge and jury.  In the meantime, we will continue to respect the privacy of our former student."


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