Honoring the brave, law enforcement personnel honored

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Palm Beach Gardens Police Detective John Boyle was honored this week for his endless hours trying to solve a case involving a security guard who was beaten to death almost two years ago.

Detective Boyle said, "When I am working on a case, I try to put myself in the victim's families' shoes. I know it's hard to understand they lost a loved one, in particular a father or a grandfather, a brother, so I would that want that detective to fully work on the case and exhaust all leads as possible."
One by one, Newschannel 5's Shannon Cake, who was the emcee for the luncheon, called the names of the men and women who go beyond the call of duty. Boyle was surprised he won the award.

"I am extremely honored," he said.

Kenzo, a canine deputy with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office was also honored. Trooper Robert Boody with the Florida Highway Patrol said the award was named after his former canine companion.

"The award was also named after Drake my deceased pet who was a former Florida Highway Patrol canine," said Boody.

Deputy Rich Klaysmat said his partner Kenzo was shot twice during a domestic dispute. "Canine Kenzo, I thought I lost him. I get very emotional thinking about this. The hours and time and the dedication that we put into these dogs is a lot."

Kenzo was excited about his award, but he's going to be entering a different phase of his life. He will be retiring very soon.

"Know this, that every K9 in our policing community will give his life so you can go back to your family, " said Deputy Klaysmat.

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