Good Neighbor Day: Spreading goodwill with roses, florists give away free flower bouquets

Wednesday is "Good Neighbor Day." It's a holiday created by the floral company FTD. Across the country, more than a thousand florists will take part in the event.

One of those florists is Dhiren Pathak of Palm Beach Gardens. Pathak owns "Flower Kingdom." On Wednesday he will give out 800 bouquets of a dozen roses for free.

But he has one request for those who get the flowers. He wants them to keep a rose for themselves, then hand out the remaining eleven to those people you are thankful for.

Pathak says, "This is my way of giving back, and at the same time, I'm giving other people the same opportunity to give back."

This is the fifteenth year Pathak has participated in the event.

He didn't disclose how much it costs him to give out 800 dozen roses for free.

He simply said it's worth the money to spread gratitude. "For some people they want to say 'thank you' and they don't know how to. So just taking a flower, it breaks the ice," he says.

The event is held every year on the second Wednesday of September.

This year it happens to fall on September 11th, a day tied to a national tragedy.

Pathak says he hopes people use this opportunity as a chance to say "thanks" to those who serve the community. "My hope is that people would actually recognize the first responders and the local police and fire departments, because they do so much for us," Pathak says.

The event starts at 9 a.m at Flower Kingdom. The shop is located at 4410 Northlake Boulevard. The flowers are typically gone by the afternoon.

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