Evergrene residents told to be watchful for diamondback rattlesnake

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla - A problem slithering through one Palm Beach Gardens neighborhood is leaving residents concerned.

Residents were sent an email Monday warning them that a diamondback rattlesnake was spotted in the complex.

A bite from the snake can be fatal if left untreated.

The neighborhood backs up to a nature preserve, but neighbors say they never expected anything poisonous to emerge from it.

Dozens of children play on the streets in the neighborhood each day.

"There are always a bunch of kids out here. It's all families, " said one mother, Victoria Casher.

Casher says she has seen harmless black snakes in her bushes near the street where her daughter plays. Word that a poisonous snake has been spotted of her block leaves her feeling uneasy.

"There are cars, we are on a busy street, were right up against Donald Ross. I guess you'd think there wouldn't be a habitat for those kinds of things," said Casher.

Now interfering with fun for the kids

"Sometimes when our basketball goes behind the bushes I don't really want to get it anymore," said Branson Vargas.

Casher worries neighborhood pets will also follow the dangerous scent. That's why the search for the snake is on.

A map was posted at the clubhouse where the snake was spotted in the southwestern region of the neighborhood. But with all the bushes and trees, neighbors know there's no way to know where it's hiding, or if there are others.

"I just walk carefully and look both ways," said Casher's daughter, Isabella.

"I told her be on the lookout I said stay away from the bushes," said Casher.

Residents are being told to call 911 if they spot the snake.



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