Students visit Palm Beach Gardens firehouse for 9/11 anniversary; present gift to firefighters

There's not a  moment John Napolitano doesn't think about his son.
"Every second of every minute of every hour, of every day," said Napolitano.
John was killed on September 11.
"My son was not a hero for how he died, he was a hero for how he lived," said Napolitano.
Students from Bright Futures Academy visited the Palm Beach Gardens Fire Station Tuesday, where Napolitano was the guest speaker.
"So I tell them you don't have to go into a burning building to be a hero, just do the right thing, and be a hero to yourself," said Napolitano.
Napolitano's son was a New York City  firefighter trying to save others inside the Twin Towers, when they crashed down. After that, Naplitano decided to become a teacher. 
"His good work is still going on that's why I do what I do, in his name and the heroes that were with him," said Napolitano.
The students presented the firefighters with their artwork to show their appreciation and gratitude.
"We made those in homeroom and we wrote little notes saying 'Thank you for your service." It was kind of nice being involved in the project," said Caroline Cury.
Caroline Cury was born one year after the attacks, and is learning about September 11.
If I could ever meet Mr. John's son, I would want to thank him, and just hug everyone here and thank them for their service," said Napolitano.
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