Palm Beach County mailed out results for lottery school selections

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. - Christina Ladd has been hoping her son would be accepted by Suncoast high school, with its prestigious math, science and engineering programs.
"He prepared by taking all of the advanced math courses he needed to take in order to get in," said Ladd.

And today, the dream came true.

"My son is very happy, he's just estatic, but he has worked for it," said Ladd.

Alex Ladd is one of the 12-hundred students who passed the tests and met the grade requirements to be eligible for admission at Suncoast. Of that, only 400 were selected in a lottery.

Approximately 19-thousand students in Palm Beach County from pre-k through high school participated in the  lottery program.

Officials say about 55% of those students will receive their first or second choice.

The most popular schools this year were Morikami Elementary School, Bak Middle School, and Suncoast High school.

This is Christina's last time going through the lottery. She was successful with her oldest son who went to Dreyfoos School of the Arts, and with her daughter who went to Suncoast.

"No more lotteries, but one more child to get into college though, so it's kind of another lottery," said Ladd.

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