Body Mechanics Gym owner says he is being forced out after landlord goes into foreclosure

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. - The owner of Body Mechanics Gym in North Palm Beach says he is left with few options after the shopping center he leases space in has gone into foreclosure.

"Every day there is so much that is up in the air," Tom Rudowsky says.

Rudowsky says he signed a ten year lease for the 2000 feet in the Carl's Shopping Center on US 1 in North Palm Beach.

When he signed the lease three years ago, most of the shopping center was full.

Now, besides him, it is empty and in foreclosure.

"We don't have many options, unfortunately. We were served the papers weeks ago and now we're waiting," Rudowsky said.

In Rudowsky's lease, there is a clause that says he has few rights if the property goes into foreclosure.

"We're not going to win. We're competing against three billion dollar corporations and we're a tiny ittle business," Rudowsky said.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Bass Pro Shop has plans to take over the shopping center. But a spokeswoman for Bass Pro said Monday there are no new stores planned for Palm Beach County.

"I'm not trying to stop things from happening. I'm trying to save my business" Rudowksy says.

Rudowksy says he sunk about 50,000 dollars into the gym with plans to fulfill his ten year lease.

He says he understand he will have to leave, but he is hoping for more time to be able to relocate his business.

A Wells Fargo spokeswoman confirmed the shopping center is in foreclosure, but said a hearing date has not been set.

She said it is impossible to discuss a time frame because each situation is different.

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