The 11th Annual Feast of Little Italy brings the streets of Jupiter to life this weekend

JUPITER, Fla. - The 11th annual Italian festival, Feast of Little Italy, is in its second day of celebration at Abacoa Town Center.

Festival goers will find traditional Italian food, arts and crafts and merchandise vendors lining the streets.

Organizers brought in several musical acts for the three day event.

They're hoping this festival will educate and showcase Italian traditions.

Jerry Somma, President of the Feast of Little Italy said, "My grandfather taught me what the importance of breaking bread represented and we get to do that as a community, to come together and be one and we celebrate that. So whether you're Italian or not, that's ok. You get to be Italian this weekend and we're all one."

Tickets are still available at the gate.

The festival ends at 10pm Saturday and goes from 10am to 8pm on Sunday.

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