Roger Dean Stadium goes high tech: New service lets fans order food from their seat

JUPITER, Fla. - At Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, hungry fans no longer have to miss any of the action. 

The stadium recently implemented a new service called, "GeeBo ." It is an app that lets people order hotdogs, beer and soda without leaving their seat.
"Most people have smartphones nowadays and to be able to implement and utilize that in a pastime that we've enjoyed for years, it is such a great thing," said Melissa Kuper, assistant general manager at Roger Dean Stadium.
Here's how it works: There's a QR code on the back of each seat. Scan it with your smartphone, order what you want, and, your food and drinks will be delivered right to you. Or, you can also skip the QR code and go to on your smartphone to see the menu and order.
Theresa Krueger, who has been a baseball fan since she was a kid - no surprise as she is from 'Cardinal Country - thought it was easy and convenient. "When you grow up in St. Louis, you're always a Cardinal fan. We already order our tickets online, now you can get your food and they bring it to you. It's great," Krueger said.
No cash? No problem. Fans can pay with their debit or credit card. And, if you want to stretch during the seventh inning and walk to get your snack, you can still avoid lines. Just place an order at any of the "Virtual Concierge" kiosks located throughout the stadium. Then, go straight to the pickup window.
"It was quick, it was easy! Beats standing in line," said one fan.
The service, which started a week ago, is available to anyone ... in any seat. "It's not just reserved for VIP, we've opened it up for everyone so we can all have that VIP experience," said Kuper.
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