New Year's good for business at 'Kangaroo's Pouch' party supply in Jupiter

JUPITER, Fla. - To ring in 2014, some businesses hear ringing at the cash register. 

At least a dozen ice suppliers and party shops in the Palm Beach County area say New Year's Day is good for business.

Josh Luten and his family-run "Kangaroo's Pouch" party supply in Jupiter.  During the New Year's season, one of them can always be found next to the helium tank blowing up balloons.

"It takes me 20 to 25 seconds for latex to blow up," Luten said while filling a balloon.

Customer Michael Etter left the store with his arms full of items that he purchased.

"Got our balloons, hats, confetti, it's going to be a good time," Etter said.

Customers patiently waited in line for balloons and supplies on Tuesday.

Cassandra Bulava left with a box of hats and decorations.

"It makes it feel special. It's fun. Blow, make noise, throw confetti," she said.

The store inflates and ties off balloon bouquets for small parties, restaurants and local resorts.  They keep long hours and inflate balloons while the store is closed.

"(The store) orders anywhere from 10 balloons to 200 to 300 balloons at a time," Luten said.

New Year's season alone accounts for 5 percent of the store's party business. 

"Luckily, we have the game plan down.  We have this set, and we have everybody, and we space everybody out so they come in.  We also know that people are coming in last minute too, getting the balloons," Luten smiled.

After New Year's Eve, the shop will close down for a few days to do inventory and regroup, hopeful that 2014 is as prosperous as the New Year's season has been.

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