Local artist volunteers time to design cards that will help Haitians provide for their families

Food For The Poor hired 400 Haitians for project

JUPITER FARMS, Fla. - Patricia Carroll can often be found painting on the floor of her living room. After 30 years painting animals, her talent is having an international impact. 

"I was stunned that something I could do would help bring income to people who had none and were living in the deepest of poverty," said Carroll. 

Carroll designed Christmas and generic cards that are being sent to Haiti for added decoration. 

Haitian families shave banana bark and cut it into words and shapes, then glue them on to the cards. Food For The Poor employs 400 people for the project. 

"I was hoping to catch that essence of hope for them," said Carroll. "There's a certain technique when you're doing this that you have to leave places for the banana bark. With this you need a space so they can place the bark on it, so I had to think about that when I was painting."

Food For The Poor pays workers 11 cents per card. They make a few dozen cards per day, each one is sold for a donation. 

As for Carroll, she's ready to create another batch of cards to support the Haitian families. 

"I loved it, just loved it. You lose track of time when you're painting especially when it's for something like this."

Brush in hand, she says it's the best way to volunteer her time.

The 2013 Christmas and all-occasion cards contain 10 cards and envelops per pack. Orders can be made by calling (866) 303-3877, or online by clicking here.

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