Lifesaving supplies inside Jupiter girl's missing purse

Family asks for public to help diabetic girl

JUPITER, Fla. - Senie Grant is trying her best to stay healthy at home. The 7th grade student at Independence Middle School is currently without the purse that is holding her life-sustaining diabetic medical supplies. "I started panicking and I told my mom that I have no clue where my purse is," said Senie.

The last time she saw her insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor was at school. Palm Beach County School District police are not yet sure if Senie's purse was stolen or lost.

But Senie said she knows exactly what could happen if she doesn't get that purse back. "I could either go too high and go into DKA, which is diabetic ketoacidosis," she said. "I could go too low and I would get hypoglycemia."

"It is life sustaining," said Senie's mother, Sarah Grant. "Without it, she will die."

Grant said if investigators do not deem the purse "stolen," the family's health insurance may not cover the thousands of dollars for new equipment. "I don't care who, what, why it happened," said Grant. "I would just love for them to get turned back into the school."

Until the contents of the purse are found, Senie will use syringes to self-inject the medicine that she needs. If someone does have the purse in their possession, Senie's family hopes that they now realize it and will return the items as soon as possible.


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