ArtiGras: Hundreds come from across the country for art festival

JUPITER, Fla. - Despite the cold, hundreds came to Jupiter to get a glimpse of the handcrafted, digitally made and antique-driven pieces of art showcased at ArtiGras.

"We work with antiques," The Perfect View Artist Pattie Stern said. "But it's funky. It's whimsy. It's functional and they're one of a kind"

Nearly 300 artists displayed their work at this year's ArtiGras.

"When people like an image they don't really care how it's made they just know that they like it," Visual Choreography Artist Edward Loedding said.

Hundreds escape their couches to come to the show, but for most of the artists, being in the show is an escape in itself.

"Sure is a nice time to not be in Vermont," Loedding, who is from Vermont said. "I'm glad I'm here."

"You can't work outside in Cleveland, Ohio in the winter," Stern laughed.

Jupiter becomes their home during the three-day holiday weekend.

Beth Kigel is the CEO of the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce and she said the festival brings in thousands of dollars into the local economy.

"When you have 300 artists coming in from all over the country, their patrons come to support them," she said. "They're staying in our hotels, they're buying gas here, they're eating here, it's really tremendous for the community."

Fifteen hundred artists apply to be in the show, but only about 300 are selected, Kigel said.

"For every artist that you see, there are probably four or five artists that did not get in," Artist, Don McWhorter said.

It adds to the draw for both the people and the artists.

The show will continue on Monday starting at 10 a.m.

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