Moon jellyfish are invading South Florida waters

JUNO BEACH, Fla. -  Moon jellyfish are invading our waters. 

Thousands have been reported up and down our area, from inside the Intracoastal Waterway to along our ocean reefs. 

The persistent onshore winds are to blame. 

They've gotten so bad, ocean lifeguards in training, like Thomas Infante, had to stop their activities this week. "There's been a few days where we've been doing a lot of training in the water that we had to stop because we were just getting stung way too many times and we just had to get out and do something else."

The number of jellyfish can vary each day so check with lifeguards if you're heading into the water. 

The sting usually doesn't last long and can be treated with vinegar or hot water.  

Moon jellies come to our waters this time of year.  Once the wind turns and water gets cooler in the upcoming weeks, they become less numerous.

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