Corey Hardie charged with hacking an alligator to death

NORTHERN PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - A Palm Beach Gardens man is accused of killing an alligator and was arrested after a tip from his father, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says.

Investigators say they became aware of the gator's death when Tim Hardie sent officers an email with a picture that he said showed his son Corey kneeling over the dead reptile.

Hardie told investigators that his son texted him a photo of the dead animal which he said was killed west of the Beeline Highway a half a mile south of Indiantown Road next to the Corbett Wildlife area.

Following up on the tip, officers met with Corey to question him. They say Hardie told them that his friend killed the gator.

Officers then tracked down Hardie's friend who denied killing the alligator. According to investigators, the friend provided them with a text from Hardie in which he pleaded for his friend to cover for him. The friend also called Hardie and let the officers listen to the conversation.

During that phone conversation officers say that they heard Hardie apologize for implicating his friend because he panicked. Officials say they also heard Hardie admit he 'hacked' the alligator. 

Based on the information received from wildlife officers, Hardie was charged with several counts including  killing an alligator without a permit and giving false information to law enforcement officers.



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