Willie Gary, Iberia bank dispute: Bank recently won a $4.2 million judgment, sheriff's office says

Shows up with moving van to remove property

SEWALL'S POINT, Fla. - A moving van appeared Thursday at the Sewall's Point home of attorney Willie Gary.

According to the Martin County Sheriff's Office, Iberia bank recently won a $4.2 million judgment against Gary.

The bank showed up to remove items from Gary's home to cover the settlement, the sheriff's office said.

"We are seizing it, but we're at a pause now, because there may be a settlement worked out between Iberia Bank and the Garys," said Martin County Sheriff's Office Civil Unit Sgt. Brian Roberson.

The sheriff's office says this is one of the largest, if not the largest, levy ever conducted by the Martin County Sheriff's Office civil division.

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