Treasure Coast toxic water update: Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer investigates problem

STUART, Fla. - Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer, the Democratic Whip of the U.S. House of Representatives, toured the toxic water on the Treasure Coast with congressman Patrick Murphy and leaders from South Florida Water Management Monday.

"It is very important that I see what is going on so when I go back and talk to my colleagues and the leadership on both sides I can explain that this is a Florida problem and an America problem," congressman Hoyer said.

Hoyer was also at the congressional meeting on the issue in Washington DC.

Congressman Patrick Murphy says it is essential to get key lawmakers from other states onboard so any sort of funding can move through Congress.

Murphy says while the situation is slightly better because there hasn't been much rain, the toxic water was still visible.

"It always shocks me. Every time I take more pictures. It is disgusting," Murphy said.

Congressman Murphy says the government shutdown is not helping the situation. He said the Army Corps of Engineers is not working on the problems because many of them are furloughed.

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