Treasure Coast couple marries on 11-12-13

Looking beyond the unique wedding date

STUART, Fla. - A Treasure Coast couple tied the knot on Tuesday night with a unique wedding date: 11-12-13. David's Bridal estimates that approximately 3,300 weddings will take place on that single day.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," the officiant said to Sarah Lundquist and Barton Galloway. "Now kiss the bride." Sealed with a kiss, Sarah and Barton were married along Stuart's waterfront. The Tuesday night wedding came with a number of twists.

"11-12-13 is just something to really stick in our minds, in our memories," said Barton. This special date, he said, just seemed to fit.

"We don't care if we get married on a Tuesday," said Sarah. "Someone said that 11-12-13 is coming and that sounded cool," she added. They like numbers - but they do not necessarily love numbers.

"The world revolves around numbers," said Marcy Heller, who says she does love numbers.

The local numerologist took a look at this particular unique wedding date.

"The more that they can be able to remember this anchor, this date, this vibration of being in bliss, the more that they are going to be able to remember who they really are," said Heller.

No one truly knows what the future will hold. Hopefully, it is only happiness for the Galloways. "Everything is happening in divine order so here I am," said Sarah.

There are twelve sequential dates this century. The next major sequential date is 12-13-14.

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