Hundreds gather at St. Lucie Lock, Florida Governor Scott snubs crowd during tour

Governor Scott waves at crowd, walks away

STUART, Fla. -- - Hundreds lined the road, armed with signs and chanted loudly as Governor Rick Scott zoomed by more than 300 protesters on his way to tour the St. Lucie Lock.

"Save our river!" screamed the crowd as the hot sun beamed down sweaty backs.

After arriving, Governor Scott was rushed into fenced area, topped with barbed wire fencing, walking away from the crowd without acknowledging any of the concerned residents.

The chants turned from being loud to all out anger.

"Today was kind of a waste," said Bob Voisinet of Stuart.

Voisinet has lived in Stuart since he was born and carried the same sign he made back in 2004 during the last toxic algae bloom.

His "Stop Mucking Up Our River" sign and countless others did not seem to grab the attention they desired.

"Nothing, nothing. He gave us a wave or two," said Voisinet

A "wave" from the governor was about the only acknowledgement the crows at the St. Lucie Lock received.

After looking at the structure for 15 minutes, Governor Scott was rushed away by a car from one gated area to another.

He met with the media but not one resident.

"It was kind of a sneak out, cop out plan. I wasn't impressed at all," said Voisinet.

Voisinet, like so many in the crowd on Tuesday, said they will believe in change when they see the toxic algae disappear from the St. Lucie Estuary.

His sign, tattered and stained black. will most likely live to see another protest Voisinet said.
"It's probably going to have to go on to the next generation. Maybe I'll will it to someone," said Voisinet.

When asked why he did not meet with the public, Governor Rick Scott told reporters he has been governor for more than two years and that water issues are important to him.

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