Stuart City Commission strikes down noise ordinance many say would have killed nightlife

STUART, Fla. - The music will play on in Stuart.  On Monday night, the city commission struck down a proposed noise ordinance that many say would have killed nightlife there.

"A lot of people talked about how far Stuart has come in the last few years and I think this was like an exclamation point," says Rob Hart, owner of Terra Fermata Tiki Bar in Stuart.


About 150 people packed City Hall's meeting room, lobby and hallway.  


"I've never seen this many people at one of our commission meetings," says Mayor Troy McDonald.


Some people came ready to play. Jade Pratt brought his saxophone to show city officials and the crowd how much music means to him. 


Pratt and dozens of other people came to fight a proposed noise ordinance.  


If passed, it would have banned sounds, including music, that measured more than 65 decibels. Many people argued that was too low. For example, the meeting's decibel level was over 65.


Not everyone was against the noise ordinance. There were a couple residents who told city officials they want some peace and quiet.


"I'm already half a mile away so how loud do they have to have this music," says Stuart resident John Dell'olio.


The city commission agreed they need to find a balance between music lovers and people who want the volume lower.  


Mayor McDonald says city staff will now go back to the drawing board to come up with a new noise ordinance. 

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