Stuart Air Show kicks off this weekend at Witham Field

Stuart, Fla. - The 2013 Stuart Air Show is coming back into town this weekend. Presented by Sikorsky Aircraft and Pratt & Whitney, the show will offer a lot of new things to see.
No government budget cuts are going to stop the Stuart Airshow.

Don McGlynn is the Vice President of the Stuart Air Show and thinks the show is better this year

"This year of course because of sequestration we will not have an F-18 or an F-22 demo but that actually created some opportunities for us. It freed up some of the money and resources to bring things like the T-33 jet demo,  
that's where Doug Matthews and his vintage T-33 steps in. 

Doug is a part time Wellington resident who has a passion for vintage war aircraft. His T-33 was the first king of jet fighter for the U-S.

He will be the closing act each day.

"I've got about a nine minute act and it involves all the aerobatic maneuvers that you'd expect to see from a jet.  Loops and rolls, barrel rolls, Cuban 8, high altitude low altitude, make a lot of noise, have a great time!," said Doug.

Plus there will be more ways to get you up in the air this year:

McGlynn explains "You can fly in a hot air balloon, you can fly in a Robinson helicopter, you can also fly in the Huey helicopter, the Cobra helicopter or you can fly an SNJ Warbird."

There will also be dozens of old vintage aircraft displays like an old Russian Mig fighter that you will be able to get up close and touch. 

The airshow opens on Friday at 5 p.m. with a fun night-time show and balloon glow.

Gates on the weekend will open at 9 a.m., and planes take to the sky at 1 p.m.


Newschannel 5 will have a booth there, so come say hi to all the Newschannel 5 personalities.

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