Plumbers mark Friday after Thanksgiving as busiest day of the year

STUART, Fla.-- The day after Thanksgiving isn't only a busy one for shoppers, but has also become the busiest day for plumbers.

After the guests leave, the plumber is commonly called to come fix drain problems that come with greasy food, and lots of it, going down the drain.

This year was Joy Copeland's first year hosting Thanksgiving dinner at her new home in Stuart. "So, I was so excited. I've been planning for weeks."

Copeland says she started cooking days in advance. "I was making lists, prepping things, chopping things, cooking what I can," Copeland explained.

But that also meant days- worth of food and peelings piled up in her pipes. She noticed her sink and washing machine were backing up with water and food debris right before her guests arrived.

"It wasn't going down. It started going real slow, and then it got worse," Copeland said.

By the end of the night, dishes were piling up. When guests left she says plates, cups and bowls were everywhere waiting for the sink to drain so they could be cleaned.

Demetrious Stavrianopoulos with Roto Rooter Plumbing says this is a common problem every Friday after Thanksgiving. In fact, it is their busiest day of the year.

"They're not getting a lot of velocity. They think water is just going to push [food] out and it just doesn't," Stavrianopoulos said.

He was called out to quickly clear Joy's drain Friday and a handful of sinks at other homes. "This is our money making day," Stavrianopoulos said.

That's because backups can cost hundreds of dollars to fix.

But, Stavrianopoulos says it's a cost that is easy to avoid by not pouring grease down the drain, and only putting minimal amounts of food through the garbage disposal.

"Try to avoid any fruit and vegetable peels, anything that's not going to dissolve," Stavrianopoulos said.

Stavrianopoulos and plumbers also use the day to teach homeowners, like Copeland, how to keep this from happening again, and potentially ruin another holiday get together.

 "I didn't let it get me down. I wasn't going to let it ruin my first thanksgiving," Copeland said.

Roto Rooter also suggests clearing your pipes with an at home drain cleaner before having company.

You can find other useful tips on their website.

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