Monterey Yacht and Country Club wants under 55 caregiver out

STUART, Fla. - 49-year-old Dave Valpatic said he legally lives in the Monterey Yacht and Country Club, a 55+ community in Stuart.

"One of the past presidents of the condominium board, the King Mountain Condominium Association board, as well as the property manager, who does have a signature here, were all in agreement that I would be here caring for my family," Valpatic said, as he showed the paperwork with the purchasing agreement.

Dave and his mother, 78-year-old Marlene Valpatic, together provide around-the-clock care for his father, who suffers from Alzheimer's. The family splits their time between two different senior communities.

Now, Dave is facing eviction, although he said Monterey Yacht and Country Club board members, including Robert Randall, originally signed off on his living there as a caregiver.

"He's all alone in that apartment, and he's not 55," argued Randall. "It was a misrepresentation to begin with, because the mother was supposedly going to live there."

Marlene said she was originally told it was fine for her to be a part-time resident.

"I think they should keep their word that it would be no problem, that it wasn't a problem if I wasn't here every day," Marlene said.

Real estate attorney Taquisha Myles said any verbal agreements should have been documented.

‘If they had something in writing, saying the association gave him permission to stay there when she's not there, that's fine," said Myles. "Otherwise, I'm sure the association has bylaws that you can only have a visitor or guest for a certain period of time. "


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