Michael Girard, Pine School voyeurism case: More charges against former janitor at Stuart school

Girard accused of recording girls in locker room

STUART, Fla. - The State Attorney's Office has added 10 additional counts of video voyeurism in the case against a former janitor for the Pine School accused of using a cell phone to record children in the girl's locker room.

In October, Michael Girard, 25, of Palm City, was arrested on 11 counts of video voyeurism and one count of tampering with evidence almost one week after several girls discovered the phone hidden in a ceiling tile of the Stuart school's locker room.

The 10 additional video voyeurism charges makes the total charges against Girard 22.

Since his arrest, police have been able to recover another deleted video from Girard's phone depicting the same sixth grade girls in the locker room.

The recovered video took place earlier in the school year prior to the original October 1 incident. Based on the new video evidence, the additional counts were added.

According to an October arrest report, two female students between the ages of 11 and 12 gave Girard the cell phone after finding it because they believed it was put there by a male student.

Girard was "the first adult they had seen," the report stated.

"You don't expect that sort of thing at a private school obviously," said parent Bob Davis in October. "It's pretty sick you know."

The girls found the cell phone when they turned the locker room lights off and saw a light shining from the ceiling, near a tile in the corner of the room, the arrest report stated. The tile was propped up using a bottle of nail polish.

Later, the girls asked the school's principal if there were any updates about the phone and its owner. But the principal didn't know what the girls were talking about because Girard never alerted any administrators, the October report stated.

When questioned by school officials, Girard denied ever receiving the phone or speaking with the girls.

Girard was later escorted from the campus and placed on administrative leave while police conducted an investigation.

The Pine School is a private school for kindergarten through sixth grade.

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