Jennie Pawlowsky: Local couple to take road trip; provide random acts of kindness along the way

STUART, Fla. - Jennie Pawlowsky and her husband are gearing up for a family reunion in Wisconsin.

"The reality is when your driving you just want to get to your destination, so your just driving, eating, and sleeping," said Pawlowsky.

But she decided to do something different on this trip

"Lets make some stops and commit some random acts of kindness to unsuspecting individuals," said Pawlowsky.

She and her husband have been collecting gifts they'll give away to people they meet on the three day trip.

"We're going to possibly give some people flowers, were going to give some people nice notes, we're going to give some people cash," said Pawlowsky.

And the couple is not alone on this trip.

The "random acts of kindness road trip Facebook page" was created by Jenny. The page already has more than 100 likes, and she plans to take pictures and shoot video during the trip. And its also a way her supporters can connect with her to drop off their own gifts to give way.

"I heard about it on Facebook," said Mark Weddington.

Mark Weddington is one of Jennie's friends. He donated cash.

"I see her making a lot of people happy on her trip stopping in at places where people work and giving them extra tips maybe," said Weddington.

And the couple will have two passengers in the back seat, helping to put smiles on peoples faces.

"They may give some kisses away to strangers also," said Pawlowsky.

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