Joshua Lindsey helps other veterans across the country

STUART, Fla. - This is one in a series of reports on individuals in the community singled out for their courage or heroism. They were honored October 24 at an American Red Cross fundraiser.

Joshua Lindsey spends his mornings on the phone with veterans around the country.

"I don't try and be a counselor, I want to be a friend," Lindsey.

He talks to them about the injuries they suffered, depression, post traumatic stress.

"Although I may have problems, there's always someone out there who has worse problems than me so to be able to help someone, that's what we should do," said Lindsey.

Joshua too is a wounded warrior – he was hurt while serving in Iraq.

"I was shot twice in the side and indirectly hit in the mouth all at one time," he said.

This left Joshua with a spinal cord injury, paralyzing him.

Joshua continued to serve his country another four years, even receiving 2 purple hearts. But that injury didn't stop Joshua. He left the service inspired to help other injured veterans.

"No one else is going to do it for us. Veterans take care of veterans," he said.

Josh has spent  2 years as a volunteer with the wounded warrior project. 

He wants Americans to remember – we need to take care of those who put their lives on the line for our country.

"Everyone is a individual and everyone is unique so we should all contribute at home first," Lindsey said.

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