Investigators canvas Port Salerno neighborhood, search for man who lured, sexually assaulted 10-year

Investigators expect composite sketch on Tuesday

PORT SALERNO, Fla. -- - The search for the person investigators said lured a 10-year-old girl into the woods and sexually assaulted her continued on Monday evening in the Port Salerno neighborhood where the incident was reported.

Deputies with the Martin County Sheriff's Office could be seen going from block to block in Manatee Creek Cove, canvassing the neighborhood for more information.

Most of the attention by investigators was placed in and around a nearby park.

"My wife, she goes over there all the time.  It's like scary now. I want to move out of there," said Scott Concannon, a resident.

Concannon, who has a 10-month-old daughter, lives just across the street from where the alleged attack took place Sunday afternoon at around 4:30 p.m. Concannon said he and his wife were gone at the time of the alleged incident. He is now left to hope the manhunt can lead to an arrest soon.

"It's always good to get the bad guy off the street immediately. Sometimes the information isn't there," said Sgt. Dan Foote, a detective with the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

Sgt. Foote went from door to door on Monday night, looking for clues about the incident.

"Just that one part of the puzzle that comes into the light, shines bright, puts it all together," said Sgt. Foote.

It is a desire shared by resident Scott Concannon and the entire neighborhood.

"I look at everybody that walks by pretty much, ief someone drives by. Even while I'm at work, still looking at everybody." said Concannon.

The sheriff's office is following up on a number of leads. 

The person investigators are looking for is a white male with blond hair in his 20's wearing some sort of cast or brace on his hand.

He was last seen walking north along the railroad tracks toward Cove Road. If you have any information, call the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

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