Georgia family gets support from Florida friends during winter storm nightmare in Atlanta

A winter storm turned Atlanta into a big mess. It was a nightmare for people living in that area and for family and friends who live in Florida.  

Tracy Valenzuela saw brake lights for hours Tuesday night.  


She and her boyfriend, Chris Dunn were stuck on Atlanta's icy roads as they drove to pick up their two little girls from school about five miles away. WPTV spoke to them on Facetime. 


"It was like driving in quick dry cement and you just literally stop," says Dunn, "The snow kept coming and coming."


"I was frantic," says Valenzuela, " All I wanted was to pick up my girls."


They left to pick up the kids around 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon and didn't arrive until 8:30 Wednesday morning.  


"The roads were chaotic," says Valenzuela.


The couple moved from south Florida to Georgia less than 2 years ago. Dunn and Valenzuela have known each other since they both attended Lake Worth High School. 


They passed the time talking to family and friends on the phone and on social media.  


"It was really hard for them to fathom you know what we were telling them," says Dunn, "They kept asking details. How thick was the ice? How much snow was on the ground?"


Like hundreds of children in the Atlanta area, their two girls spent the night at their elementary school.


Valenzuela doesn't understand why school wasn't closed Tuesday since after-school activities had already been canceled.  


They hope Atlanta and every city learns a big lesson from this nightmare. 


"They had ample time to prepare and they just didn't prepare for it," says Valenzuela. 

Valenzuela and Dunn says they can't wait to visit south Florida and get far away from winter weather. 



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